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I'm Sarah. College student. An enthusiast of some things (like music and TV shows) and not so much others.


Freddie having fun on stage at The Wembley concert during The Magic Tour, 1986.


Rock and Roll.

Los Angeles, CA | 07/30/14


Krist is going to change the world


Jeff Ament

Interviewer: And now, we present. THE FOO FIGHTERS!
Dave Grohl: Oh my god i love that band!!!!
interviewer: YOU’RE IN THAT BAND!!
Dave Grohl: OH MY GOD!!
from basically (via fuckthatsocallednewmusic)

Interviewer: ”One of my favorite pictures that you have taken is of you and George by the white fence with the red creeping flowers behind you. It’s so still and composed and peaceful.”

Pattie: Oh, with the roses. I was absolutely thrilled that the roses had come out, finally. I set up my tripod and said ‘George, George, come and stand with me’ and obviously it was taking a long time for the timer to go off because he’s sort of gazing away. I think I look a bit worried about the camera thinking ‘come on, is it going to click or not?!’